I.The history of the hot air balloon

The Montgolfier brothers, Joseph Montgolfier and Étienne Montgolfier (1745 – 1799) are the inventors of the hot air balloon.

The two brothers are the children of the owner’s the paper factory Montgolfier in Annonay of Paris. On cold winter days, Joseph and Étienne usually love sitting next to the fireplace in the corner of the room in order to warm themselves and talk happily together.

lịch sử về khinh khí cầu
Anh em nhà Montgolfier gồm Joseph Montgolfier (1740-1810) và Étienne Montgolfier (1745-1799)

On a winter day in 1772, while gazing the flame of the fireplace along with the hot air that was burning up in the sky continuously. Suddenly, Étienne cried out:

– You see something strange, why does the flame just fly up without flying down?

After hearing that, Joseph observes carefully and answers:

– Perhaps, when the flame burns, that will make the air mix with the smoke. Therefore, the flame becomes lighter if it flies high.

– If we get a bag and contains the smoke inside the bag, I wonder whether the bag can fly. – Étienne came up with a new idea.

Joseph shouted pleasantly:

– Perhaps, the bag can fly. We should try it.

And the two brothers hurried to look for a piece of silk and cut, sewed into a big bag. Then, Joseph stood on the chair and grasped the bottom of the bag in order to turn the mouth bag upside down. Étienne stretched the mouth bag at the top of the flames and caught the hot air of the flame carefully. The bag that was inflated like a balloon was filled up with the hot air. At that time, Étienne just grabbed the mouth bag and then got a rubber band to tighten the mouth bag. The two brothers hurried to bring the bag outside and let the bag fly. Immediately, the bag flew upwards slowly. They couldn’t stand their emotions, Étienne jumped and cried out:

– Ha ha! That game’s awesome!

Joseph looked the bag was flying upwards and spoke with his exciting voice:

– We shouldn’t stop at this game. We should create a big hot air balloon that can take people in the sky.

Through the hard word of creating and the encouragement of the father, they began to research with many kinds of hot air balloons with different materials. Besides that, they didn’t stop improving the hot air generator system to achieve the highest performance. The two brothers completed after 11 years.

On June 5, 1783, Joseph and Étienne started to perform the first hot air balloon in front of the large audience around the world.

The first hot air balloon had a bigger circumference to 110 yards and it flew in the sky with the admiration and cheers of eyewitnesses. After flying far away about 1.5 miles, the hot air balloon landed safely. With the resounding success, the brothers Montgolfier was invited to Paris to perform their hot air balloon by the King.

On September 19, 1783, the hot air balloon was decorated splendidly and it took some passengers such as a cock, a goat and a duck inside a wicker basket. Then, it flew in the sky of Paris in front of the King and people.

On November 21, 1783, the hot air balloon of the brother Montgolfier flew with a long journey about 10 km in 26 minutes. And that opens a new era for using the hot air balloon for exploration, transportation and forecast weather.

II.Flying in the sky along with BALLOONS OVER HUE

1.Steps to begin flying on the hot air balloon

After finding a suitable place, the crew will start bringing the equipment. Then, they will spread the ball and use a powerful fan blow into it.

Các bước để bắt đầu bay trên khinh khí cầu

When they have enough air, they will use the equipment to burn the air inside until the ball can lift off the ground by itself.

Các bước để bắt đầu bay trên khinh khí cầuCác bước để bắt đầu bay trên khinh khí cầu

The equipment will keep the hot air balloon under the ground until the flight schedule begins and people will step up the wicker basket of the hot air balloon. When everything is ready, the pilot will light the fire continuously and the hot air balloon will gradually take off.

The whole process starts from 15 minutes to 25 minutes. For landing, it will waste time a little more. The whole schedule at the place of landing and taking off will be planned and estimated accurately to meet requirements of the flight.

2.Controlling the hot air balloon

Controlling the hot air balloon requires excellent skills that are trained by the professionals. The pilots open the valve to create the flame and burn the air if they want the hot air balloon take off. In order to speed up, the pilots have to turn the valve to make the flame larger. Besides that, the pilot also can open the valve at the top of the ball to let the hot air fly out with the purpose of decreasing the speed of taking off or landing.

Các bước để bắt đầu bay trên khinh khí cầu

Based on different blasts, it will control the hot air balloon. That will be the only solution to control the hot air balloon. If it wants to fly from this point to that point, the pilot will let the hot air balloon fly at different heights. Because of each flight, the wind will blow to different directions. The experienced pilot will know exactly and take advantage of that to shift the direction of the hot air balloon easily.

Các bước để bắt đầu bay trên khinh khí cầuCác bước để bắt đầu bay trên khinh khí cầu

When the hot air balloon flies up, several persons on the ground will move by the car to support in landing. That will make sure the absolute safety for visitors.

 Các bước để bắt đầu bay trên khinh khí cầuCác bước để bắt đầu bay trên khinh khí cầu

Along with your relatives and friends to experience on the hot air balloon on holidays, why not? Please believe in us, you will always remember these unforgettable memories.






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